Stock Refinishing

Below is a list of the different finishes we offer, and prices for each.  If you want to send us just the stock, that is ok with us.  When sending the stock, please leave the butt plate/pad and sling mounting hardware on the stock, but loosen ALL screws prior to sending. 

Filled and unfilled refers to filling-in the pores of the wood grain to give it a smooth, slippery look and feel.  This extra step enhances the stocks appearance as well as helps in weather proofing.  

Your choice of a satin or gloss finish.

Prices are for both one-piece and two-piece stocks.  (Call for a quote on refinishing just the forearm or buttstock on a two-piece stock)  This includes removal of old finish.

Prices are for finishing ONLY.  This does not include fitting or inletting a new or semi-inletted stock to your firearm.  I will need your firearm when fitting an unfinished stock.  Does Not include any shaping. 

Custom Hand Checkering & Relief Carving Availible (See Below)


Hunter Finish (Unfilled Oil Finish)

$125.00 - 150.00

Gunsmith Finish (Filled, hand rubbed oil finish)

$150.00 - 175.00

Inletting and Fitting Semi-Finished Stock         (Does not include checkering, recoil pad, grip cap or         other attachments.  Does not include finishing)

$100.00 +

Installing a recoil pad                                     (Grind to Fit Pad)

$50.00 + Pad


Custom or adjustable pads/plates                        


Call for quote

Glass bed rifle

Install sling swivels (2)



Custom Hand Checkering and Relief Carving

Whether it's a basic checkering pattern or an all out custom relief carving, we can handle all your stock customizing needs. 

We can reproduce the original factory checkering on a replacement stock, or you can choose from one of our patterns.

Do you want to give your rifle a true custom look and feel?  Let us sit down with you to create a one of a kind design that is sure to give your firearm the personalized look you are after.



Call for a quote and turnaround time on checkering and relief carving.

Prices listed DO NOT INCLUDE shipping, handling, and insurance back to customer.

Please view our Sample Works page to see some

of our recent work!

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